ZAKA@ is an educational application aiming to help students to learn sciences on their own depending on the type of their Multiple Intelligence.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers and students found themselves facing many problems, one of them is spending all the time in front the screen and students became just listeners. Hereby with the presence of the Multiple Intelligences a theory first initiated by Gardner in 1983. Came the idea of using this theory even during online learning. This will help students to learn through the manner they love and by doing several activities not just watching the teacher speaking. In addition, the materials of this app (activities and videos) are the result of a PhD research which was applied in a Lebanese school, where students were taught sciences via tablets for 6 months, during the year 2018-2019.
This first version is formed from 6 science chapters for Grade 5 students, in addition to activities targeting the four Multiple Intelligences (linguistic, Naturalistic, kinesthetic, and spatial). The chapters are:
• Respiratory system
• Circulatory system
• Animals Food Chain
• Light and its colors
• Electrical circuits
• Refraction and lenses
Each chapter contains 4 activities LI (linguistic intelligence), NI (Naturalistic Intelligence), KI (Kinesthetic Intelligence), and SI (Spatial Intelligence) with a quiz at the end. When entering the app the student and/or parent can see the description of the app, with two icons on the bottom of the page (About us, contact us), in addition to the chapters. When choosing the chapter from the interface, the student can choose the activity of the Multiple Intelligence he/she wants.
The activities suggested for students in this app like inventing songs about a theme, walking in the nature and discover many materials, make crafts about a lesson… would motivate students to learn sciences in an innovative and easy way. They will be motivated to enhance their knowledge not from memorizing but from having fun.

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