Seedling can be harvested in several types of containers but the most utilised approaches are; by using polyethylene tubes (polybags) or seedling is planted with the container itself (biodegradable). Polyethylene bags are usually used in the production of plant seedlings. However, these bags have it disadvantages. One of them is, a large amount of organic material attached to the bags makes it difficult to be recycle which resulting them to either being left on the soil or burned after transplant. Other than that, the seedling root system will damaged during transplant when using the polybags, which slow down the development of the plant. At the same time, when ethylene combines with soil, it will slowly release toxic chemicals which are harmful to animals and make the soil infertile. The bags also do not dissolve, instead, they break into tiny pieces and remain for up to 1000 years, contaminating soil waterways and oceans. Last but not least, when the polybags are burned, they release toxic chemicals that are deposited in soil, on surface water and on plants. This is where the idea of making Vermi Pot comes out. It is made of Vermicompost and starch liquid that will end up like a plant pot. Vermicompost is chosen as the main ingredient because it is a compost complete with nutrients that can help to fasten the growth of seed. Vermi Pot does not contains plastic or any dangerous chemical. It is also environmental friendly because the seed will end up being plant together with the Vermi Pot when it reaches time to plant it into a bigger area or pot. Vermi Pot will acts as a fertiliser to the plant itself resulting in less use of artificial fertilisers. This could also reduce burnt roots and increase the nutrients in soil through decomposition of materials at the same time. Vermi Pot has proven as the best seedlings pots in reducing waste and helping the environment. With the use Vermi Pot, we can expect a greener and a more sustainable future for our planet.

Keywords : Pot, Vermicompost, Polybags, Nutrients, Environmental

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