The Pyrethrum Pesticides is an organic pesticide that can be used in agricultural activities in places such as home garden, farm estate, community and school. Our project is to evaluate the efficiency of biopesticides, pyrethrum spray and pyrethrum powder which are made from tridax procumbens (tridax daisy). Besides, our product also acquires 2-in-1 functions, which are fertilizer and pesticides. The materials used to make this product are pyrethrum daisy, cooking oil, soap, neem leaf, egg shells, banana peels and distilled water. Pyrethrum is highly toxic to insects which means that it’s effective against the pests
Pyrethrin are biodegradable and break down quickly in sunlight within a few days. Other than that, pyrethrin does not persist in the soil or on veggies, which is considered relatively safe to use around food crops. Banana peels and egg shells are rich in macronutrients that are needed by plants in large quantities. Neem leaves are used to increase soil fertility. After using our pyrethrum spray for four weeks, no more pests exist on the chili plant. This means that the efficiency of our product is high. Why choose our product: Kills Pests Efficiently, Best for Spot Spraying, Eco-Friendly, Low Cost and 2-in-1 Pesticide and Fertilizer. For a long-term goal, we’ll try out other formulas that enhance the Pyrethrum. We also interview three people where all of them very scarify with our product. Its easily used and the impact is very fast and low cost.
When comparing with the market fertilizer and pesticides the farmers need to buy separately. Our product can be used it 2 in one and the cost to do it very cheap compare to the one selling in the market. The value our product is very high compare to the one selling in market. More over our product not harm the environment causing any pollution. Compare to chemical fertilizer it causes environment problem such as eutrophication, land pollution and water pollution. Its also cause aquatic animals to die.
Pesticide to be more efficient and powerful until it is able to eliminate other pests on different kinds of plants besides vegetables and fruit plants.
Key words: pyrethrum, pesticides, fertilizer, tridax procumbens, agricultural, environment

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