Bintaro Plant (Cerberra manghas L) is a protective plant that is quite popular in the community because this plant is not easy to wither and die either because of weather or pests such as caterpillars and insects. Bintaro plants contain toxins – cerberrin compounds – indicating that this plant can be used as a natural pesticide to eradicate plant pests. This research aims to examine the toxicity of Bintaro fruit to kill whitefly, identify acceptable concentrations that can be used as a natural pesticide, and recognize the content of chemical compounds in Bintaro fruit. This study used a quantitative method by calculating the percentage of pest mortality using variations in the concentration of Bintaro fruit extract. The results showed that good concentration used as a natural pesticide is 12% concentration with a mortality of 83.3%, the chemical compounds in Bintaro fruit (Cerberra manghas) are alkaloids, steroids, and saponins. It shows that the Bintaro plant, its fruit can be used as a natural pesticide.

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Nafza Azela Raditia Lettjeng
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Dinda As Zharah Rustam
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Artha Vania
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Rizky Ananda Putri

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