This research is thrived to propose and implement a tool to obtain student’s attendance and their body temperature digitally. The lifestyle of humanity has taken a paradigm-shift post Covid-19 outbreak. It has impacted the workplace environment, nature, education and until habitual practices of people. Habits like frequent hand sanitizing and vaccinations have become indispensable for the purpose of controlling the virus from getting it spread. Reinforcing the measures to prevent this, are
limelight among the health practioners, governments and pharma researchers. A modest indicator of this virus is, changes in body temperature. If this is at detected early stage, it would allow the respective authorities to swiftly isolate the affected party from spreading and provide available medications. This way the spreading can be contained effectively. It has to be noted that infectious disease such as Covid-19, Ebola, Monkey Pox etcetera spreads uninterruptedly in confined places. Due to this children could be the most-affected because of their low immune system. Hence, there is a mandatory requirement to monitor the student’s attendance and body temperature digitally. Authors have come up with a tool, viz, TimeNurse as a solution for this.
Keywords – Body Temperature, Covid-19, Student’s Attendance, TimeNurse

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