We all know that water is an invaluable and a priceless gift that we can’t dispense it. The consumption of water changes from one country to another: in some countries there is an over-consumption and in some others people are thirsty living under the limits of poverty.
The world has many different issues in the environment. We reviewed some of main environmental issues
In our day and after day we noticed that water scarcity is decreasing. One of the reasons of this shortage is squandering water. We see that people are careless and consume huge quantities of water: in shower, cleaning, washing, gardening. They are not aware that they are wasting much water.
So, it’s a very big problem because water is the most important substance in life and we can’t live without this wealth or nothing going to grow on planet, it would be lifeless, dead, collapsed into dust, sand, clay or rock. That’s why we decided to invent this brilliant project THE ECONOMIC WATER CONSUMPTION SYSTEM.
This project is able significally reduce consumption, avoid leakage and save money. After researching, we found that uncontrolled water consumption leads to squandering water then to water scarcity.
So our project frugal water system is connected with your mobile phone by a preprogrammed app that shows you your water consuming and makes you control it. It records your consumption in your mobile phone. This control system helps us to preserve water for the future generation. Besides, it tells you the price that you will pay and warns you if you pass the quantity of water that you should consume in a defined period. So you can also save your water bill.
Finally, the water is as precious as our lives and with frugal water system, we will be able to monitor and control our water consumption. Also be alerted in the event of a leak or flooding.

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