How this device works
Air by an electric fan
It is directed to the alcohol tank
Air comes in contact with alcohol
Clean air is placed on top of the tank
And from there by another electric fan
It is directed to the outside of the tank
In the model of two tanks
This air is directed to the next reservoir, Sama, which is clean water
And on top of the water tank as well
There is another fan that directs clean air out
This air can be normally distributed in ambient air
And can be guided with a tube on the face shield or face mask
The cheapest anti-virus air purifier
This invention is presented in two models
And made in three sizes
The first model has two tanks
The first odorless medical alcohol tank
And a second water tank
The second model has only one tank of odorless medical alcohol
More details are included in the video subtitles
This invention is made in three sizes
Large size for public places
Medium size for home
Small portable size by any human or even any animal
This invention is due to the presence of alcohol All virusesand bacterias and Mushrooms And it destroys everything harmful in the air
Advantages of this invention:
It’s very cheap
It has a very simple function
It can be built quickly
Has the most available parts
It can be used everywhere and in any situation
It is very effective
It kills most viruses, fungi and bacteria
In times of global pandemic, it can be very helpful

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