Thermoelectric systems are the devices with heat pump properties used in cooling applications
ambient temperatures in order to balance temperature. In this study, it is aimed to design a container with two chambers while in one of which food keeps its heat, in the other its coolness by using peltier which is a thermoelectric device used in the process of the conversion of electric energy to heat energy or vice versa. This study aims to produce a food container with two chambers in which foods are kept in their current temperatures without any heat changes. Moreover, the heat properties of two sides of peltier are used in the study, besides their current heating and cooling features. The product has been improved after diagnosing the flaws of the product, conducting experiments in the production of pre-prototypes and prototypes. It lasted two months to the tests of prototypes and design process of the product. According to the results, the tests are promising in spite of productivity loss due to insulation problems and heat migration between the chambers. In sum, all the experiments and tests supported my hypothesis. The property of peltier is used in one system to heat one side while cooling the other side and produces good results. In the next level of the study, based on the observation it seems that when the peltier is placed in container whose air is vacuumed and outer side of container is insulated with ulpolen and interior side with Teflon, the container will become more practical.

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