Stabilizing the carbon dioxide-induced component of climate change is an energy issue. Setting a direction towards such stabilization will require the development in the coming decades of primary energy sources that do not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, in addition to efforts to reduce end-use energy demand. Carbon dioxide has affected the earth’s climate and has had a very serious impact on the health of the earth’s population. Air pollution as a form of danger has dominated several states, Africa, which has a death rate of 1.1 million people due to air pollution, must immediately find solutions to the problems it faces. Although the economic limitations it has are arguably high, at least the problems concerning the future of the country’s population must be prioritized. Entering the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 where everything has been digitized, then by utilizing technological
developments, a solution can be completed with the right innovation. Pollution that has an impact can be minimized with the help of blower technology equipped with Arduino air sensors and Solar Panels as a source of activation power. Solar panels that are used in hot weather areas will definitely produce maximum power which is then converted as blower activation power. So when the sensor detects compounds in the form of CO2, NH3, SO2, cigarette smoke, etc. Then it will appear on the monitor and the blower is immediately active, after the power provided by the solar panel runs out, the blower will stop. By increasing its effectiveness and efficiency, the blower is able to work optimally. The application of a blower method like this must also be carried out in the right place, at least the residents’ houses so that residents are able to receive decent air in their homes.

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