Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by difficulty reading, writing, or spelling. Dyslexic children are children with special needs who require different learning services from children in general. Many parents and teachers have a poor understanding of the symptoms of reading difficulties and how to treat dyslexic children. Based on a report by the Indonesian Dyslexia Association, 10 to 15 percent of school children worldwide have dyslexia. Of the 50 million school children in Indonesia, 5 million of them suffer from reading disorders. This study aims to innovate the educational game Scrabble that is adapted to the needs of dyslexic children which can be used as therapy to minimize reading difficulties in dyslexic children. The application of local wisdom in Scrabble Nusantara (Scanu) aims to introduce Indonesian culture and strengthen the sense of unity and integrity in the younger generation. The method used in this research is the R&D (Research and Development) method where this method is used to produce Scrabble Nusantara (Scanu) products and test the effectiveness of Scrabble Nusantara (Scanu) products. The results of this study indicate that Scrabble Nusantara can improve the ability of dyslexic children, with the concept of playing and learning this can help dyslexic children to minimize learning disability in reading. With Scrabble Nusantara (Scanu) it can be a medium to introduce Indonesian culture to the younger generation in this era of globalization.

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