The research in Probolinggo is an increase in community empowerment through increasing the potential of animal husbandry as a solution in the midst of the outbreak of Skin and Nail Diseases (FMD) in cattle. Medicinal products are plants made from natural ingredients, especially plants and are the nation’s cultural heritage and are used from generation to generation in an empirical and sustainable manner. Medicinal plant ingredients or fermented livestock herbs can be used for livestock health. One of the villages that has the potential to provide herbal plant seeds is Probolinggo. The aim is to provide solutions as well as to introduce, practice and motivate the community to be able to make fermented livestock herbal medicine using tools and materials that exist in the surrounding environment as well as the economic potential in increasing the income and welfare of farmers, the ingredients are also very easy to obtain and very easy. planted in the yard. The ingredients include Temulawak, Lempuyang, Turmeric, Brown Sugar, EM4. The ingredients are cleaned and then pureed and mixed together, then stored in a container such as a jerryan. Recommendations are as follows: 1) Probolinggo has the potential to grow herbal plants because the land is quite fertile. 2) Livestock health management requires cooperation between breeders, farmer/livestock groups and the breeders themselves so that livestock are healthy so that livestock production and productivity are high. 3) it is necessary to use garden plants to grow herbal plants and use them to make fermented herbs consistently and sustainably.

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