Nasal congestion is an obstruction and reduced airflow (Micheal S, 2010). As many as 30-40% of all children in Malaysia experiences nasal congestion (Gary CL, 2011). Headache is a pain in head region due to stress, certain types of food or chemical smell (Andreas S and Anna A, 2019). Almost 63.7% of the population in Malaysia experiences headache. Both conditions decrease the productivity at work or school and reduces night-time sleep. Since modern medications in use produces many side effects and other health issues, Ocimum herbal drink and inhalation sachets became a solution without side effects. The product able to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion, headaches and stress. The herbal drink is invented by using four types of naturally occurring herbs in four different flavours. The flavouring agents used in this invention are spices also naturally available. This product is invented to reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion, headache and stress which are the common problems faced by the modern days humans. Besides that it also improves and strengthen the immune system. The product are 100% natural (organic) without any added chemicals and preservatives. Laboratory test showed that the product is free from the toxic metals. Thus, it is environmentally friendly and save to be used in both adult and children. The product is cost effective, easy to be produced and use. The product has two functions at the same time where it can be used as drinking sachet and inhalation sachets to clear the nasal congestion and to relieve headache and stress. The product is recommended by the users that had benefited from it.

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