Hair color is one of the oldest and most well -known cosmetics that have been used by many ancient cultures in different parts of the world for not only women but also for men. Synthetic oxidative hair dyes available in the market contain combination of peroxide and ammonia which damage hair and causes allergic reactions. There are high chances that people will be exposed to major health issues for instance breast cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma over the years. From food to cosmetics, consumers prefer healthy and organic lifestyle in every aspects. Plant-based hair dyes give a positive impact amongst people. In this research, natural herbals namely Henna, Pure Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera extracts, Eclipta Alba, Fenugreek seed, Black Cumin seed and Curry leaves are used to make a healthy herbal hair-dye. The developed oil from the hair dye mixture provides multifunctional effects such as hair softening conditioning, promotion of hair growth and increase the density of hair. This innovation designed to deliver an excellent solution in creating natural hair dye which leads to permanent hair colouring. Indeed, this trigger our interest as there is huge needs and people are rapidly changing towards healthier lifestyle.

Keywords: Hair dye, hair color, natural hair dye, herbal hair dye, healthy lifestyle

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