MISSER (Myiasis Spray Gel Bamboo Shoot) is a product that really effective for curing myiasis that caused by fly larvae (C. bezziana) made of the natural ingredients and do not have a negative impact in dealing with treatment problems, which in fact myiasis so far is still using the synthetic insecticides.
MISSER is made from apus bamboo shoot. In the manufacture and development of this product, we have been through several stages of research, with MISSER has already tested physically for the effectiveness to against C. bezziana in vitro and pre-clinical test, such as: animals wound healing, histopathological test, and effectiveness for larvicides in vivo.
From the test, MISSER has been proven effective as a biolarvicide where the product reveals their larvacidal and anti-inflammatory properties, shows their ability to kill the larva and speed up wound healing process, also it appears the capability to make a smooth and porous surface on wound whic observed in histopathological test.
This product is in the form of a spray which is physically stable so it is easy to use and reduces contamination in myiasis lesions. In addition, MISSER already has it’s patent registration from the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights with registration number 00229198.
For the expansion process, MISSER has a business development plan with B2C, B2G, and B2B2C models. Thus, what we hope is that we can achieve MISSER product development optimally in a faster time frame and can be used in commercial.

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