Laboratory diagnostic kit for cutaneous leishmaniasis is used molecularly for medical and parasitological tests, which is very fast, cost-effective. Cutaneous leishmaniasis (leishmaniasis) is considered as one of the health problems of countries around the world, including Iran, so that new cases are more than one and a half million people annually and about 350 million people are infected. And the genus is Leishmania. Due to the time consuming and also dangerous other methods of identifying this parasite, we decided to invent this kit. Nowadays, molecular methods such as PCR are widely used to determine the small amount of parasites in chronic Leishmania wounds and to determine the species. Leishmania detection kit by PCR‌ method is a product that consists of several separate solutions. It is detected by PCR method and using these materials Leishmania is a cheap, safe, fast and accurate method for detecting Leishmania according to the work plan. This kit, which are connected in tens, consists of 100 four-channel microtubes in each channel, which are marked in each channel with primer R and F, Mastermix, distilled water and with extraction vial (copolymer styrene-di vinyl benzene sulfone). Interconnected microtubes, each of which is pre-set with sterile distilled water and mastermix, will be identified by the standard Leishmania PCR‌ method.

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