Carrie Jeske can save you time and money by giving you candid feedback and strategic direction on your idea, new product or business. Gain valuable feedback on low cost, high reward launch strategies for independent inventors or successful open innovation strategies for manufacturer/distributors.

Beyond small consultation that values time, Carrie Jeske will never ask you for money. She is paid a percentage of licensing royalties, sales commissions or acquisition equity on products or businesses that sell. On certain projects, she covers some costs and establishes a partnership. The meeting is confidential with no obligation to license, invest, or sell.


**Pitch Several Ideas for Carrie to Scrub and/or Focus.

**Submit a completed Invention for licensing, investing or sales help.

**Prioritize resources on highest value next step.

**Gain candid, practical feedback on market viability.

**Find Out “insider secrets” on product tests that failed.

**Consider low cost, high return options.

**Plan next steps for best potential financial reward.

Download and Email a Signed NDA, if needed.

Link to video testimonials from inventors and product developers just like you!

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Look forward to meeting you in real time, on social networks or seeing your product on the shelves and companies thrive!


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