Indonesia is the second largest tropical agricultural country. Coconut coir and paper produce a lot of waste that is not used optimally. This can cause damage to the environment. In fact, coconut coir contains cellulose, hemcellulose which form complex bonds to maintain the product. Paper has a high cellulose content which is bonded to each other and firmly adheres to each other. Mixing paper with cement will strengthen the network which will affect the strength of the product. In the manufacture of paving, generally use cement and sand. However, cement and sand materials are relatively expensive. This study aims to utilize coconut coir waste
and paper waste as Inpablo and to determine the effectiveness of Inpablo. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive study where the focus of the description is on making paving block innovations as a form of utilizing coconut coir and paper waste as well as efforts to reduce the use of cement and sand. The data collection method is through observation, experiment, and literature study. The tests carried out are visible traits test, compressive strength test, and water absorption test (porosity). The data obtained in this study were analyzed using descriptive methods. From the visible trait, the test looks like Inpablo has a flat surface, there are no cracks and defects, and the corners and ribs are not easy to crush with the strength of the fingers. The compressive strength and water absorption test showed that Inpablo met the requirements in SNI 03-0691-1996 (Standar Nasional Indonesia), namely the compressive strength value of 10.5 MPa and the absorption capacity of 13.9%. Based on the tests carried out, this study succeeded in identifying the effectiveness of Inpablo as a paving block innovation as an effort to utilize coconut coir waste and paper waste as well as reducing the use of cement and sand.

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