Based on a study, it is found that 39% of Malaysia’s rivers are considered slightly polluted, whereas 7% are considered severely polluted. Water pollution can cause destruction of biodiversity and contamination of the food chain. We have come up with a solution, which is by inventing the “Hydro Vacuum Cleaner” as an effort to keep our water bodies clean. The vacuum in our product will create a flow of water which sucks in rubbish and collects it in a bag, allowing the water to flow back out. Its specialty, which is that the product only uses materials that are easy to find, can become an effort to save and preserve our water bodies. We believe that by inventing “Hydro Vacuum Cleaner”, we would make a change in our environment and keep our water clean and safe enough to be consumed.

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Exhibition Team Member 1
Aryssa irdina binti mohamad adila
Exhibition Team Member 2
Noor Balqis Najeehah Binti Mohd Bukhari
Exhibition Team Member 3
Nuha Amani Binti Nazri
Exhibition Team Member 4
Nurul Alya Binti Azizul
Exhibition Team Member 5
Nurul Hidayah Binti Abdullah

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