Batik is a motif or image that is poured on cloth by showing its characteristics according to regional origin and is historically motivated and has been recognized by UNESCO on October 2, 2009. However, batik also has problems related to the low public interest in batik due to several factors such as being identical with something that is ancient and monotonous designs with old colours and motifs as well as fashion trends that cause a lot of waste to be generated by the fashion industry. Therefore, Hershion is here to help increase public interest in batik with a more trendy model and gradually it can be carried out thoroughly to the Indonesian and international community. Hershion is also here to make it easier for customers to find and buy fashion products, make payments, and find various information about fashion, and other things related to fashion. can help improve the economic stability of the middle and upper classes in Indonesia and increase public awareness of the importance of preserving Indonesian culture. Hershion’s psychographic segmentation includes several things such as reducing clothing waste and being one of the successful fashion industry platforms in increasing public interest in using batik. Based on the market feasibility above, Hershion can be considered that business and applications will have a great opportunity in the market and have a big impact on Indonesia. Moreover, based on Finance Feasibility, Hershion will have a good financial condition with BEP of 24.076, NPV Rp 243.887.500, IRR 6.9%, PP 24 months, PI 27, ROI 617%, and BCR 2.53. Hershion is expected to be the right choice for consumers as a digital platform in the field of batik fashion that has various innovative features and programs and supports the realization of the SDGs.

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Exhibition Team Member 1
Seldhan Jannet Adeva
Exhibition Team Member 2
Made Rully Anjani Vitaloka
Exhibition Team Member 3
Muhammad Syamsuddin Hafizh
Exhibition Team Member 4
Raihan Aulia Daffa
Exhibition Team Member 5
Yassar Rezki Maulana

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