The mucilage problem, which emerged intensively in the Sea of Marmara in 2021 and remained on the agenda for days, is associated with climate change. Mucilage is not just a pollution, it triggers negativity in many different areas. In order not to experience the process in which the pollution at the bottom of the Marmara Sea becomes immovable and the mucilage problem manifests itself on the surface and to protect our seas, it has become necessary to fight against climate change. In this project study, it is aimed to reduce the damages of the graphene suspension-solution produced by using the unique nano-properties of the graphene nanomaterial, which is obtained cheaply from domestic and national resources, by ecologically combating mucilage (sea saliva/snow). . Within the scope of the project, a way to combat mucilage pollution was discovered and invented for the first time in the world by using the unique properties of graphene.

Graphene solution, which is made ready for use according to the results of the experiment, can be applied on the mucilage formed or in sea areas with intense microorganism pollution that may form mucilage, such as sprinkling-spraying-injection. forms can be applied. In this way, for the first time in the world, a way to combat mucilage pollution was found using the unique properties of graphene. Considering the nano razor-sharp crystal property of graphene and its electrical properties at the cell level, it is thought that the use of graphene solution can be a cheap and effective method for mucilage formation and subsequent processes. A similar study on the use of graphene in the fight against mucilage was not found in the literature review and internet resources.

According to the preliminary results obtained within the scope of the project, it has been seen that graphene material has an important potential in the field of ecology, has a great potential in terms of combating mucilage, and it is possible to obtain graphene nanomaterial easily and easily. Contrary to popular belief, it’s an inexpensive route and that graphene’s unique properties can be extremely useful for combating mucilage. .

Keywords: Graphene, Mucilage, Ecology, Nanotechnology, Marine Pollution

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