In today’s world, we have many problems. This includes world hunger, economic crash and most importantly disabled people not getting the same rights as a normal person. Hence, we came up with a new solution to make disabled person to live a normal life like a normal human being. Our project called “The Empathy” helps people that face hand problems such as amputees. Well, at first it might sound ridiculous , but our project works perfectly. We tested on 18 amputees, around 90 percent of them think that this innovation can change their whole life. Furthermore, we can see nowadays a lot of robotic hands cost a lot of money, so we decided to be different. our project only cost about 10 dollars. Yup, I know it sounds illogical but it’s true we used that amount of money to create something so amazing. At the end of the day, I can confirm you, our project can change the world for the better. We care about people who can’t live like a normal human being, we want them to be treated as a normal person. We really hope our project can solve this problem. The quote saying “fairness for all”, really inspired us to this project. With that, thank you.

Exhibition Team Member 1
Muhammad Fareez Rizqin Bin Salizul
Exhibition Team Member 2
Muhammad Anas Bin Mohd Hashim
Exhibition Team Member 3
Uzair Wafiy Bin Mohd Rizman
Exhibition Team Member 4
Muhammad Harith Mohd Saiful Aman

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