In the entire world, there is a huge demand of bricks for construction purpose. However, the production of bricks actually requires a lot of soil. This has eventually led to some negative impacts to the environment such as depletion of jungles, landslide, floods and etc.
Hence, our team has created a whole new invention called eco brick to solve this problem. From its name, we know that eco brick is an eco-friendly product where it does not harm the environment. This is because that its components are all waste and recycle materials such as sludge, raisin sludge, coconut husk, fly ash and wood dust. Other than that, eco brick is easy-to-make. The whole process can be defined as mixing and heating. It is quite simple and does not require a long period of time.
Besides, based on the experiment we have done by using a compressive strength machine in UKM, we found out that our brick is exactly as strong as the conventional bricks. For instance, eco brick has a compressive strength of 9.21mPa, which is almost the same as the clay brick which is 9.27mPa in reading. Besides, based on the fire-proof experiment that was conducted before, we realised that eco brick also excels in the fire-proof sector. At the end of the experiment, there is no obvious change in the physical appearance of the brick, showing that eco brick can withstand a high temperature for more than an hour. Thus, this shows that the eco brick won’t break easily during a fire.
Moreover, due to the absence of cement in eco brick, eco brick could save the environment at which it does not pollute the environment. Furthermore, eco brick will not absorb heat like the chemical brick selling-off because of containing cement. Our eco brick is free from cement and it makes our house cooler.
Besides, eco brick is cheaper than the others. For a clay brick, the cost for a brick is about 50-70 cents and 40 cents for the grey brick which is not safe for construction while our brick is just 20 cents. Apart from that, our eco brick has a higher sound-proof level compared to the conventional bricks. Based on the experiment we have conducted by using sound level meter, our brick will receive the lowest sound level when compared to the normal bricks. Last but not least, our brick is lighter than the conventional bricks. A normal brick is weighed about 2.8 kg while our eco brick is just 1.0 kg.
In a nutshell, eco brick is a brand-new invention that could bring along massive impacts to construction field. If eco brick is used widely one day in the future, it is sure that the environmental issues can be reduced and everyone can gain benefit from the great advantages it brings along.
Keywords:Brick, Eco, environment, compressive strength, heat, sound

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