D’ FANNY TeLCy 2.0 Connect is the first Teacher Leadership Competency (TeLCy) model developed in Malaysia, as revealed by the Educational Planning and Research Division (EPRD), Ministry of Education Malaysia in 2016. It was developed based on Transformational Leadership Theory [Yammarino & Bass, 1990] and four existing teacher leadership models [TLEC, 2022; Danielson, 2013; Crowther, 2008; Kho et al. 2014]. It confirmed the existence of four guiding principles: i) Leading by Fostering a Collaborative Culture, ii) Leading by Facilitating Innovative Instructions and Engaging Stimulations, iii) Leading by Modeling Leadership Attributes and Skills, and iv) Leading by Performing as a Referral Leader. This invention also highlights the new norm of teachers’ values-driven leadership in the Malaysian educational context. It also contributed to the development of the Teacher Leadership Framework in Preparing Quality Teachers for the Future under the 5 million Niche-Research Grant Scheme (NRGS), Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

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Exhibition Team Member 1
Dr. Khayri Zaid
Exhibition Team Member 2
Dr. Sukor Beram
Exhibition Team Member 3
Dr. Kumaran Gengatharan
Exhibition Team Member 4
Ms. Sharon Wong
Exhibition Team Member 5
Dr. Norzalina Noor

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