Ammonia is a soluble alkaline gas. It is a highly toxic chemical substance and common in biological processes. In human and animals, gas ammonia might affect the health status and might becoming fatal in very high concentration. The objective of

Compositions and method for treating materials for the development of (medical) protective devices with antiviral and antimicrobial role

The present invention provides the technology for modifying protective devices by applying a polymeric layer loaded with Ag nanoparticles, Cu, ZnO, etc. stabilized with suitable agents and loaded with antiviral / antimicrobial substances based on pure components such as eugenol,

Laboratory diagnostic kit for cutaneous leishmaniasis with doorless microtubules

Laboratory diagnostic kit for cutaneous leishmaniasis is used molecularly for medical and parasitological tests, which is very fast, cost-effective. Cutaneous leishmaniasis (leishmaniasis) is considered as one of the health problems of countries around the world, including Iran, so that new

A smart gadget that prevents nausea and vomiting with the ability to reduce tensions and Pain control

This invention is a “gadget” similar to headphones with multifarious capabilities, including pain control such as menstrual pain, migraine headaches, control of nausea and vomiting, as well as control of daily tensions, anxiety and depression. Also the present invention with

NETRA™ Cleaning & Sterilization System

C) NETRA Sterilization System Here we present the “NETRA” sterilization system. NETRA is a compact and PATENTED solution for a comprehensive trolley auto sterilization system. Our system is split into a few simple components; A sophisticated water jet spray system

MISSER (Myiasis Spray Gel Bamboo Shoots)

MISSER (Myiasis Spray Gel Bamboo Shoot) is a product that really effective for curing myiasis that caused by fly larvae (C. bezziana) made of the natural ingredients and do not have a negative impact in dealing with treatment problems, which

The cheapest antivirus air purifier

How this device worksAir by an electric fanIt is directed to the alcohol tankAir comes in contact with alcoholClean air is placed on top of the tankAnd from there by another electric fanIt is directed to the outside of the


Through some research we found out that people in Malaysia are moving towards unhealthy path because affected by pathogens which can be spread out through airbourne. And sometimes it can cause sinus problem. So that’s why we have invented De


Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin acts as an antioxidant directly as a radical scavenger and indirectly through the regulation of antioxidant enzymes, and its protection against cancer has been shown

Innovation of Angsana Leaf (Pterocarpus indicus) as Herbal Mouthwash for Thrush

Thrush problems often occur in Indonesia, the problem is caused by a lack of awareness of citizens to maintain oral hygiene and excess vitamin C. In fact, Indonesia is rich in SDA (Natural Resources), one of which is Angsana leaves.


The research in Probolinggo is an increase in community empowerment through increasing the potential of animal husbandry as a solution in the midst of the outbreak of Skin and Nail Diseases (FMD) in cattle. Medicinal products are plants made from

Phytochemical test of earring leaves [Achalypha indica linn] the plants can heal asthma and diseases in animals

Acalypha indica Linn is a tropical weed, growing annually in Probolinggo. The weed is a member of Euphorbiaceae family, a largest plant family known as medicinal plant. The weed leaves were used by local people in Jawa Timur to treat