Investigation of Conductance Quantization with a Simple Interferometer System and Measurement of Displacement at Microscale

Interferometers, measure displacement, temperature, pressure, tensile angular velocity, etc. they are structures that provide extremely accurate and reliable measurement of physical parameters. They are used in various fields of nanoscience and technology. Their applications range from Michelson and Morley’s ether

Smart Advertising billboard with the ability to display information based on environmental information and users present in the environment (Using IoT and AI)

Problem : Due to the high cost of environmental advertising, most businesses cannot use this important opportunity to benefit their business.In the traditional method of environmental advertising, the advertiser will not be informed of the number of visitors and their


Thermoelectric systems are the devices with heat pump properties used in cooling applications ambient temperatures in order to balance temperature. In this study, it is aimed to design a container with two chambers while in one of which food keeps

Read-Lexic Glasses: True Accessibility for Dyslexic Readers

1 in 10 people around the world suffer from dyslexia making it the most common neurocognitive disorder. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects one’s ability to read, write and speak. Due to this, dyslexics often fall behind in school

Blind Swimmer Sensory Device (BLIMMER)

Blind Paralympic swimmers have one common problem which is they don’t know when to stop or to turn when they reach the end of a 50 metres pool. They can swim normally in a straight line like normal people. In


To ensure the consistency of arm swing, we need to get the angle, technique and posture right.When one finds it too hard to play, one would seek a coach. It could be one’s acquaintance. But, they may not be available


Our world has been affected with lot of disasters. One of the most critically impactful disaster is haze. Haze is caused by a lot of factors but mainly from human activities such as starting forest fires. However, there’s also some

Breast Cancer Treatment Support Tools to Provide Medicine Recommendations

Cancer is the number 1 killer in the world. Cancer is a disease of abnormal proliferation of body cells due to various factors. The percentage of deaths from cancer is relatively high and is relatively increasing every year. For many