SIMCOM Wellhead Hydraulic Control System´┐╝

In the Oil and Gas Industries, one paramount major component in any drilling platform is the Production Wellhead or the Christmas tree. In order for the crude oil or gas to flow from the reservoir to the surface production facilities,

Teeny Matte

Teeny Matte is an innovation of a mat that turned into a multifunctional mat in order to help people with moving disabilities. It is very convenient since they didn’t have to move around a lot when they use this mat.


In today’s world, we have many problems. This includes world hunger, economic crash and most importantly disabled people not getting the same rights as a normal person. Hence, we came up with a new solution to make disabled person to


Now days in marketing there are a lot of product for drying purpose such as drying cloth machine, drying hair and others. Malaysia one of the country raining through of the year.Therefore, pupils have problem in drying shoe in raining

SCANU : Scrabble Nusantara as an Educational Game Based on Local Wisdom to Improve Reading Ability of Dyslexic Children.

Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by difficulty reading, writing, or spelling. Dyslexic children are children with special needs who require different learning services from children in general. Many parents and teachers have a poor understanding of the symptoms of