Cancer is the number 1 killer in the world. Cancer is a disease of abnormal proliferation of body cells due to various factors. The percentage of deaths from cancer is relatively high and is relatively increasing every year. For many years, cancer treatment was a very difficult process. Cancer treatment can be done by undergoing surgery to remove the tumor, then chemotherapy or radiation to kill cancer cells. But cancer treatment with chemotherapy or radiation kills healthy cells too, which can cause a number of nasty side effects. Now, researchers can examine individual cancer cells and study the sequence of genes in their DNA. While most cells in an
individual’s body have identical genes, the genes present in cancer cells undergo mutations, or changes. Personalized medicine (PM) has the potential to tailor therapy with the best response and highest margin of safety to ensure better patient care. By enabling every patient to receive early diagnosis, risk assessment, and optimal care, PM promises to improve healthcare while also lowering costs. Therefore, youth as young intellectuals must contribute to bring innovation to overcome these problems. Therefore, the authors present MEDICARE. With this tool, it is hoped that it can increase the life expectancy of cancer patients.

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Siti Nur Aisyah
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