A smart gadget that prevents nausea and vomiting with the ability to reduce tensions and Pain control

This invention is a “gadget” similar to headphones with multifarious capabilities, including pain control such as menstrual pain, migraine headaches, control of nausea and vomiting, as well as control of daily tensions, anxiety and depression. Also the present invention with

NETRA™ Cleaning & Sterilization System

C) NETRA Sterilization System Here we present the “NETRA” sterilization system. NETRA is a compact and PATENTED solution for a comprehensive trolley auto sterilization system. Our system is split into a few simple components; A sophisticated water jet spray system

MISSER (Myiasis Spray Gel Bamboo Shoots)

MISSER (Myiasis Spray Gel Bamboo Shoot) is a product that really effective for curing myiasis that caused by fly larvae (C. bezziana) made of the natural ingredients and do not have a negative impact in dealing with treatment problems, which

The cheapest antivirus air purifier

How this device worksAir by an electric fanIt is directed to the alcohol tankAir comes in contact with alcoholClean air is placed on top of the tankAnd from there by another electric fanIt is directed to the outside of the

Smart Advertising billboard with the ability to display information based on environmental information and users present in the environment (Using IoT and AI)

Problem : Due to the high cost of environmental advertising, most businesses cannot use this important opportunity to benefit their business.In the traditional method of environmental advertising, the advertiser will not be informed of the number of visitors and their

Let’s Design! Bloom Digital Taxonomy

Technology is reshaping education around the world. Today, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. With this sudden shift away from the classroom


The mucilage problem, which emerged intensively in the Sea of Marmara in 2021 and remained on the agenda for days, is associated with climate change. Mucilage is not just a pollution, it triggers negativity in many different areas. In order


Thermoelectric systems are the devices with heat pump properties used in cooling applications ambient temperatures in order to balance temperature. In this study, it is aimed to design a container with two chambers while in one of which food keeps

Ayur Flex Muscle Oil

Ayur Flex Muscle Oil is made from herbs and it is a solar infused oil. Ayur Flex Muscle Oil is an invention which reduces pain and inflammation to muscle, joints and bones. Ayur Flex Muscle Oil can be used to

Ocimum Herbal Drink and Inhalation Sachets

Nasal congestion is an obstruction and reduced airflow (Micheal S et.al, 2010). As many as 30-40% of all children in Malaysia experiences nasal congestion (Gary CL, 2011). Headache is a pain in head region due to stress, certain types of

Hypnosis Induction Based on Virtual Reality Technology to Encourage The Role of Indonesian People in Improving Mental Health After The COVID-19 Pandemic “Mind-Palace VR”

Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) is a renewable energy concept that utilizes the electroactive bacteria in nature to become electrical energy. In general, the HOOP device consists of two systems, namely the Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) system and the mobile application


One of the more pressing pollution global issues are water pollution and air pollution. Research shows that Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels have been steadily increasing while Oxygen (O2) production levels are decreasing, which contributes to health problems and global warming.