Blind Paralympic swimmers have one common problem which is they don’t know when to stop or to turn when they reach the end of a 50 metres pool. They can swim normally in a straight line like normal people. In this category, the staffs will wait at the end of the pool and tap their heads when they are approaching the end of the pool which is not good because human error can happen. The main problem is the swimmers lack confidence and are always insecure of when they have to stop. According to Forbes in it’s edition of May 2012, lack of confidence could reduce productivity for up to 35%. The average speed of blind swimmers is 7.3 km/h and is at loss when compared to normal swimmers which have 8.6 km/h. If the swimmer accidentally hit the wall of the pool, they could result to brain damage, skull fracture or even death. To overcome this problem, we invented the Blind Swimmers Sensory Device (BLIMMER) which will send information to the swimmers by vibrations when the swimmers are at a distance of 3m away from the wall. This device consists of an Arduino Pro Mini, Protoboard, Arduino Nano board, and waterproof Ultrasonic sensor. The Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor will send electric signal when an object is within 3 metres away from the sensor. The HC 12 Module send the information to Arduino Nano board which is located at the swimmer’s head. The vibrating motor will vibrate when it receives the information from the Arduino Uno. The swimmers will feel the vibration and will be alerted as the sensor detects. This way, the swimmers will confidently swim as fast as they can without worrying about the wall at the end of the pool. This will create a more quality sporting event and a better safety for the swimmers itself.

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Exhibition Team Member 1
Irfan Darwisy bin Mat Suhaimi
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Nik Mifdzal bin Nik Nubhan
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Arief bin Harun Norashid
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Samsiah binti Radiman

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