Among current various global challenges, research in green energy became essential. Increasing waste products and poor waste management are the two main issues which we should give more priorities Day after day more and more garbage is being produced by humans. This waste needs to be managed wisely otherwise this earth will be a huge garbage field. At the same time the earth will suffer from a shortage of basic materials for the manufacturing industry. The next generation will have to bear the burden of the consequences of our actions. Clearly we can see that the world is facing the problem of increasing waste and reducing basic materials. If we couldn’t find a solution for the environment problem now it will be transform to huge problem that will be out of control. So that we need to do research on this issues and as find solutions as soon as possible. Even though environmental issues are global but we need to cultivate the realization to children from young age. ‘Biode Pot’ is produced by using plant fibers and egg carton from the school. ‘Biode pot’ products are produced as a solution to the problem of widespread waste disposal and also the increasingly chronic use of plastic materials. This material can be biodegradable we call it ‘Biodepot’ which means the pot that can be biodegraded. Furthermore, products that can be recycled are not done so and waste management is also a major problem for us. Our innovative product is produced by using egg cartons, dried leaves and eggshells. This egg carton made of paper so it is suitable for recycling but every day almost thousands of egg boxes are thrown away. At the same time, a pile of dried leaves are often thrown away as garbage from our school. Therefore, we planned to recycle egg boxes and also dried leaves from the school area to be used as organic plant pots and also as seed pot. We also added eggshells in the ‘Biode pot’ because they are rich in calcium which helps plants to grow lushly. The second important ingredient is dried leaves. It is also very rich in nutrients that can help to the growth of the plant. All these materials are organic fertilizers for plants. By using these three ingredients, Biode pot is produced. It is an environmentally friendly and also a problem solver for mismanaged waste disposal. Biode pot also can be considered as a solution for the use of huge amount of plastic materials in nurseries as it can replace plastic pots and poly bags.

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