Ayur Flex Muscle Oil is made from herbs and it is a solar infused oil. Ayur Flex Muscle Oil is an invention which reduces pain and inflammation to muscle, joints and bones. Ayur Flex Muscle Oil can be used to treat muscle spasms, twisted muscle, sprains, torn ligaments and torn muscles. Ayur Flex Muscle Oil is made from sesame oil, castor oil, thyme, pala indigo bark , carom seeds, peppermint, ballon vine. white gulmohar, chaste tree and devil’s back bone. It is a solar infused oil. The properties in Ayur Flex Muscle Oil have healing effect, able to soothe muscle pain, relieve muscle tensions and treat muscle related injuries.
Ayur Flex Muscle Oil is suitable for all age group, has anti-inflammatory agent, reduces pain, cost effective, made from 100 % natural ingredients and safe to be used.

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