Now days in marketing there are a lot of product for drying purpose such as drying cloth machine, drying hair and others. Malaysia one of the country raining through of the year.Therefore, pupils have problem in drying shoe in raining season. They need to find the solution for recover this problem. Drying shoe machine is one of the the device help humans to recover problem during raining season.The objective of this project is to investigate the effectiveness of dry shoe machine made of polistrin, bulbs, fan and wire. A cube of polistrin with size length 7cm, width 35cm and height 32cm was arrange. The two round bulb inside edge of the polistrin was insert. The wire between bulb and fan was connected. The small door infront of the polistrin was made. Temperature metre was fix upper of the polistrin and micrometer fix inside the box. As a result 26 people claim that using drying shoe machine has helped them in raining season. According to the study, the drying shoe machine really work out during raining season.Its function well. When the switch on the electric go through the wire and the bulb will light up and the fan will start turning. There transformation energy occur electrical energy to ligh energy. Then transform to kinetic energy and produce heat energy. The shoe start to dry. It show that the usage of fan and round bulb with use limited current. This drying shoe machine is simple to make, and made up of low cost material. Using these drying shoe machine can help develop an environmentally friendly atmosphere and get good solvent to dry the materials in raining time and it also contribute to SGD 9 of industry , innovation and infrastructure

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