BirDs’ LAND Innovative Public Spaces for Bird-Friendly Environment with LCDs Design Approach

The main goal and objective of this invention is to design the flagship project that enhancing the public opened spaces with innovative architecture of built environment and to integrate the concept of Bird-friendly environment using the concept of Low-cost Design


Ammonia is a soluble alkaline gas. It is a highly toxic chemical substance and common in biological processes. In human and animals, gas ammonia might affect the health status and might becoming fatal in very high concentration. The objective of

SIMCOM Wellhead Hydraulic Control System

In the Oil and Gas Industries, one paramount major component in any drilling platform is the Production Wellhead or the Christmas tree. In order for the crude oil or gas to flow from the reservoir to the surface production facilities,


Today, Malaysian agriculture uses too many chemicals, water, and space. Unfortunately, crop yields are damaged and of poor quality due to the uncontrolled use of chemical pesticides on ecosystems. In addition, the growing population size has contributed to the increase

D’ FANNY TeLCy 2.0 Connect

D’ FANNY TeLCy 2.0 Connect is the first Teacher Leadership Competency (TeLCy) model developed in Malaysia, as revealed by the Educational Planning and Research Division (EPRD), Ministry of Education Malaysia in 2016. It was developed based on Transformational Leadership Theory


We all know that water is an invaluable and a priceless gift that we can’t dispense it. The consumption of water changes from one country to another: in some countries there is an over-consumption and in some others people are

Compositions and method for treating materials for the development of (medical) protective devices with antiviral and antimicrobial role

The present invention provides the technology for modifying protective devices by applying a polymeric layer loaded with Ag nanoparticles, Cu, ZnO, etc. stabilized with suitable agents and loaded with antiviral / antimicrobial substances based on pure components such as eugenol,

Laboratory diagnostic kit for cutaneous leishmaniasis with doorless microtubules

Laboratory diagnostic kit for cutaneous leishmaniasis is used molecularly for medical and parasitological tests, which is very fast, cost-effective. Cutaneous leishmaniasis (leishmaniasis) is considered as one of the health problems of countries around the world, including Iran, so that new

Investigation of Conductance Quantization with a Simple Interferometer System and Measurement of Displacement at Microscale

Interferometers, measure displacement, temperature, pressure, tensile angular velocity, etc. they are structures that provide extremely accurate and reliable measurement of physical parameters. They are used in various fields of nanoscience and technology. Their applications range from Michelson and Morley’s ether


Infectious diseases caused by bacteria from biological pollutants pose a great burden in terms of diagnosis and treatment, and millions of people worldwide die from bacterial infections. Detection of bacteria plays a critical role in clinical diagnosis and control of

A smart gadget that prevents nausea and vomiting with the ability to reduce tensions and Pain control

This invention is a “gadget” similar to headphones with multifarious capabilities, including pain control such as menstrual pain, migraine headaches, control of nausea and vomiting, as well as control of daily tensions, anxiety and depression. Also the present invention with