To ensure the consistency of arm swing, we need to get the angle, technique and posture right.When one finds it too hard to play, one would seek a coach. It could be one’s acquaintance. But, they may not be available at all times. This is exactly why AceShot is created. AceShot is portable, affordable and provides accurate reading for the right bowling strike. This device acts like one’s personal coach. We believe that it helps to revolutionise bowling to make anyone bowl like a professional.

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Exhibition Team Member 1
Muhammad Alif Hakimi bin Mohd Rafi
Exhibition Team Member 2
Muhammad Aqil Aqmar bin Mohd Nazrol Hisham
Exhibition Team Member 3
Muhammad Zarif Mirza bin Mahadzir
Exhibition Team Member 4
Afeef Heikal bin Abdul Hakim Mordani

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