Due to the concern about the plastic shopping bags (PSB) pollution, the introduction of reusable shopping bags by environmental protection organizations can help to reduce the plastic shopping bags which start out as a fossil fuel and end up as deadly waste of in landfills and the ocean. Even so, it is observed that even though grocery bags are meant to be eco-friendly, they are often neglected or discarded after a while as it is made from inexpensive materials that is easily corroded after a few uses. Additionally, they also do not support heavy weight nor have any significant properties to attract to the user, i.e., style, convenience, value, durability. Grocery bags in the current market has little to no reusable value and do not contribute to consumer satisfaction nor brand loyalty. The usual eco-friendly bags also lack of some versatility that can be used to separate wet and dry groceries. That is where the idea come from to design and produce 2 in 1 Shopping Bag which is portable, spacious and have two type of space which are thermal space and normal space that make it convenient to bring any types of groceries. The bag is ergonomically designed for the convenience and ease of shoppers a multi-purpose & portable concept in mind. Additionally, the shopping bag is made of synthetic leather with the feature of waterproof. It can be clean easily by wiping the surface of the shopping bag with wet tissue. With the trendy outlook design and 2 in 1 inner design, this shopping bag great for casual or many other occasions such as shopping in wet markets and shopping mall. Last but not least, this 2 in 1 Shopping Bag also complete with calculator and LED screen to calculate budget and list down the groceries needed.

Keywords: calculator, eco-friendly bags, LED screen, pollution, thermal space

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